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Help your organisation increase its visibility in those all important organic rankings. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services have transparency at their core.

Tom Wright
Tom Wright CEO,
"SEO is a key component of our exponential growth. We couldn't have done it without Digital Ninjas."

Search has been the entry door to the internet for many years. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day (Internetlivestats, 2021). As search engines become more and more sophisticated in how they index and showcase results, the approaches that are most likely to deliver successful SEO outcomes have changed. We make it our job to keep on top of the latest SEO developments.

If you are looking for immediate visibility then our paid search services are a good initial investment and can yield quick results.  However, to make sure that you’re maximising your returns from digital channels then search engine optimisation should almost certainly be part of your digital marketing mix.

SEO Approach

There are 3 core pillars that underpin our approach to delivering an effective search engine optimisation programme for your organisation:

  1. Technical – here we’ll give you advice on optimisation of your website to ensure that you’re building your presence on solid foundations. By spending time on your foundations you can maximise your likelihood of achieving a good search engine ranking.
  2. Ongoing SEO – we’ll help you with your content marketing, distribution and management of your outreach programme to ensure your site is benefitting from links from other websites that direct people (and that all important “link juice”) to key pieces of content from other relevant sites.
  3. Transparent measurement – the key to all of this is the way that we work with you to understand your core objectives and provide clear, insightful reporting on progress throughout your SEO programme.

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