Driving Results from the Google Ads Grant Account

An example of how we helped one organisation grow their results from the Google Ad Grant account.

google ad grant results

Using the Google Adwords Grant to increase donation revenue, newsletter sign-ups and raise awareness of the issues.


One in 10 Australian children are living in jobless families*, where even life’s basics are hard to come by. When families are experiencing financial disadvantage children can fall behind with their learning, leaving them more vulnerable to experiencing hardship themselves later in the life. The Smith Family are dedicated to helping children receive the education that they’re entitled to. They do this by raising awareness of the issues impacting children, working with the government and encouraging the Australian public to donate in order to support programmes that deliver education.
* Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013. Labour force status and other characteristics of families, June 2012).


  • The Smith Family already had a Google Grant account but had reached a plateau in terms of spend and traffic, which they were finding difficult to surpass with limited internal resources.

The Brief

  • Digital Ninjas were briefed to audit the existing Adwords account and develop a strategy to help deliver against the organisations objectives of raising more money for children and raising awareness of the issues they face.


  • Full account audit undertaken using data from Google Adwords and Google Analytics
  • Recommendations implemented at Ninja speed
  • New grant account performance reports built and delivered on a regular basis
  • Proactive addition of campaigns in line with The Smith Families campaign schedule

Ninja Skills Used

  • Analysis of existing performance and identification of untapped opportunities
  • Fast response campaign deployment
  • Testing of goal and ecommerce conversion tracking
  • Follow up reports and client briefing


  • Donation revenue increased by 910%
  • Newsletter sign-ups increased by 240%
  • Traffic increased by 60%
  • Google Adwords grant maximised

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About The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.