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When it comes to acquiring new supporters and customers you need to be top of the page, or at least somewhere in the top 4 if you're going to maximise your results. That's where Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing comes into play.

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Ray Hoang Digital Producer, The Smith Family
“I saw a 600% revenue growth for paid SEM after replacing a large agency with this agile outfit. The team really know their stuff and won't seduce you with marketing talk, but instead knuckle down with you and put in the hard yards. This company is one of those rare gems in the industry.”

To help us deliver effective paid search campaigns we need to understand how your organisation works. We’ll talk to you about your immediate plans and business objectives as well as where you might go in the future. By understanding your business we can ensure that everything we do centres around what’s important to you and your customers.

Whether you’re focused on delivery of a single product or service or have a portfolio of 1000’s of products we will work with you to understand your customers are looking for and how we can deliver the most cost effective paid search campaigns for your business. We have clients with a range of budgets from $1,000 p/month to $10,000+.

Your objectives for paid search

Whether you’re focused on conversions in the form of sales or sales leads or delivery of engaged site traffic, we’ll work with your to understand your business objectives.

It’s not just about Google

We work with all major search engines from Bing to Google to ensure your business is visible to as many potential customers as possible. Depending on your target market, Google may capture as much as 90% of search traffic, just don’t forget the missing 10% could be your most valuable customers.

Get to number one & then stop – not quite

Being number one on the results page doesn’t necessarily deliver the best return on your investment. Ad-creative and appearing lower down the results page can often be more beneficial depending on the type of prospect that you’re targeting. Using our extensive experience of paid search management we’ll use our knowledge to ensure your campaigns are optimised to give you the best return for your investment.

Customer centric search

We’ll categorise target keywords according to the journey that your customers take in making their decision to purchase (or enquire).

How we approach paid search

  • Comprehensive measurement review – if you can’t measure it we’ll make sure you’ve got clarity on whether your investment is effective.
  • Keyword research – we dive deep on keyword research, whether you’re looking to dominate bottom of funnel search terms or increase your visibility to those people still in the upper or mid funnel stages of decision making.
  • Ad copy design and development – our Ninjas will write and review your ad copy ready for you to approve. We aim to evolve our understanding of your business so we get ad copy right first time!
  • Account and build out – once we’ve got your approval on keywords and ad copy we’ll start to build out the account and ensure everything is set up correctly ready to go.
  • Ongoing campaign management and optimisation services – the Ninjas will ensure your campaign is continuously improved to keep on driving results, we’ll respond rapidly to changes in the competitive environment and consumer behaviour.
  • Reporting – we believe in complete transparency, our reporting will give you the detail you need, whether you’re looking at outcomes only or want to take a deep dive on what’s happening with your paid search investment.

We work with a range of organisations from not-for-profits to large enterprise businesses, the service that we provide will depend largely on your objectives. If you’re a charity looking for advice on the Google Grant then this guide on how to apply and get started might help.

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