Digital Fundraising Myths, Busted

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“Digital doesn’t work”, “paid search is a waste of money”, “Facebook ads don’t convert”… 

This indispensable guide helps dispel some of the myths circulating about digital fundraising. Use it as a starting point to kick-start conversations about acquiring new supporters and improving supporter retention.

  • Supporter Acquisition – Can you acquire new supporters using digital channels?
  • Measuring & Monitoring – Don’t get overwhelmed by all of that data in your Google Analytics account.
  • Improve Retention – Using email and SMS automation. It’s easier than you think.
  • Lucky Socks – Do they really help?

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    Digital Isn’t A Silver Bullet

    Lots of organisations are experimenting with digital. Some want digital to replace their traditional channels of supporter acquisition like face-to-face and telemarketing. We like to think of digital as part of your wider toolkit.

    In other words your digital activity should compliment your existing channel activity. Starting with a small, low risk investment you can then test, learn and iterate and scale your digital activity.

    Three Steps To Digital Success

    1. Start Planning – Without solid planning and fore-thought your digital fundraising drive just won’t deliver the results you and your colleagues are expecting.
    2. Bust Myths – Don’t let the common misconceptions put the brakes on your digital plans. Read our guide and keep your planning process on track.
    3. Get Started – Make sure you start with the foundations and then build up your activity gradually. Follow our digital planning roadmap for more information.