Attention All Non-Profits: Facebook Ad Policy Changes are Coming At You!

If you represent a charity that’s running paid ads on Facebook, you need to take urgent action to keep your ads running.

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Facebook has announced ad policy changes that will come into play on the 29th June. If you want to keep your ads live you need to take the actions outlined in this article as soon as you can.

Any advertiser who want to run ads about social issues in Australia (which includes issues in Australia or targeting people in Australia in relation to social issues elsewhere in the world) will be required to complete the ‘ad authorisation process‘ and create a “Paid for by” disclaimer. 

Moving forwards, EVERY live ad you have (including those already running) must have a disclaimer on it. 

You can make sure you’re ready to go ahead with this without disruption by following the 4 (yes 4, sorry!) steps outlined below: 

1) Authenticate your identity

This needs to be done by an ‘admin’ of your organisation’s Facebook page. 

  • In your Facebook page go to settings
  • Under settings in the left-hand menu select ‘issues, electoral or political ads’
  • The admin must upload a drivers licence or ID that matches their Facebook profile name – once done you should see a green tick next to ‘ID submitted’

This is a one-time action only! 

2) Next, the Admin needs to verify their profile 

  • Within the admin’s personal profile select ‘settings and privacy’
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Identity confirmation’ (click on ‘view)
  • Select ‘Get Started’ 
  • Select ‘Running Ads about Social issues, elections, or politics’ 
  • Follow the steps to upload your drivers licence or ID

This is a one-time action only! 

3) Create a disclaimer and link it to your ad account 

  • In Facebook Business Manager – go to Business Settings
  • Under ‘Accounts’ select ‘Pages’
  • Select your brand page (you must be page admin to be able to access this).
  • Once in the page go to Setting 
  • Select ‘issues, electoral, or political ads’
  • Select your country
  • Select ‘create disclaimer’ – select the ‘organisation name’ option and complete the steps requested. Make sure that the email domain must match your organisation’s website domain. 
  • Once you have completed and submitted details, the disclaimer will enter a review process. 
  • Link the disclaimer to your ads account – do this whilst the disclaimer is in review. 

4) Adding the disclaimer to your ads! 

Once the disclaimer has been approved. The disclaimer can be added to ads via ad campaigns…

  • At ad campaign level, select ‘Special ad categories’ add the disclaimer you created in step 3 (above).
  • You should be able to see the disclaimer at ad group level and ad preview level. 
  • This process will need to be repeated every time you add a new campaign with new ads that are considered a ‘social issue’ – which will be most of your ads.
  • PLEASE note that you will need to allow for up to 72 hours for your ads to be reviewed and approved before they will be ready to use. 

You can read more about the policy updates including which of your ads fall into the “social issue” category (hint: it’s pretty much all of them) here.