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How to find the right social media influencers for your charity

In this 5 minute video, we talk to Genson Glier a serial […]

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How can I improve the accuracy of my Facebook pixel data?

If you’re running Facebook campaigns the chances are that you’ve heard of the Facebook pixel. For those of you who haven’t, it’s the glorious bit of code that you add to your site to understand how your Facebook campaigns are performing – are you getting leads, donations or whatever else your objective may have been.

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Changes To Facebook Targeting & How They Impact Your Charity

Facebook has become a renowned tool for advertisers to hone in on their target audience. The sheer power of Facebook’s ad platform, leveraging the pile of data they have on user behaviour, interests, and demographics that has catapulted Facebook into the behemoth that they have become. 

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How Can I Advertise My Business on Facebook?

How Can I advertise my business on Facebook? We’re asked this question […]

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Facebook Rolls-Out Charitable Donations Tool

Facebook’s donate button has helped to raise more than $10m for victims […]

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Metadata still matters: grow your muscle mass with good metadata

A friend recently drew my attention to this Facebook share fail: As […]

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