Is Giving Tuesday Big In Australia? How Can I Prepare My Digital Assets?

Giving Tuesday in Australia is getting bigger every year, it’s time to start paying attention and seeing how your cause could benefit.

Giving Tuesday Australia

This year marks the 8th year of Giving Tuesday, the global generosity movement.

If you’re not familiar with Giving Tuesday it’s all about making as much noise as possible on a single day (3rd December) to encourage people to do good in their community and beyond. Whether that good takes the form of volunteering, advocating or fundraising doesn’t matter. It’s all about joining forces to encourage people to get involved for change.

I must admit that in previous years Giving Tuesday has been largely a US centric event so has largely passed me by from an Australia perspective. In recent years we’ve been able to dip our toes in the Giving Tuesday water as we’ve started working with more and more US based causes.

Giving Tuesday in Australia looks to be getting more and more traction over recent years, so it’s time to make sure your digital assets are prepped and ready for what should be an increased interest in making a positive impact.

Based on some of the learnings we’ve seen from previous Giving Tuesday campaigns and some first hand research we’d recommend:

  • Making sure your paid media budget across both Facebook and Google is increased for 3rd December. Budget constrained campaigns will result in missed opportunity from highly engaged potential supporters.
  • Generally we’re seeing most interest in holiday events like Giving Tuesday occur in the morning and evening, so if your ad platform gives you the option of “accelerated spend” then we’d recommend against using this as it’s likely your budget will be spent before the peak interest kicks in later in the day.
  • Make sure you optimise your bid strategies across platforms. If you’re a Google Ads customer (grant or paid) then the above video is a good summary of how to approach bid strategy optimisation:
Some specific advice from Google on Smart Bidding for Seasonal Campaigns
  • Make sure you’re up and running before the 3rd – you want to see your campaigns are fully approved and ideally out of the “learning phase” so you can maximise your performance as traffic spikes on the 3rd.
  • Make sure you’re using remarketing, across Google and Facebook to reengage those people who visit but don’t convert. For example you might bring people through to a generic “Giving Tuesday – How you can get involved page” on their first visit. Then you’d aim to bring them back to a page where they can take one specific action via remarketing, for example: volunteer, donate, fundraise etc.
  • Make sure your creative and keywords are optimised – if you’re running a Giving Tuesday specific campaign, mention Giving Tuesday. There’s a good chance your general creative will see an uplift in performance on the 3rd too.
  • For display based campaigns it’s a good idea to remove your frequency cap for one-off events like this, this will ensure you get maximum exposure on the key date.

If you’d like to discuss how you can optimise your digital assets further for Giving Tuesday then get in touch with a Ninja today.