Google Analytics eCommerce tracking in thankQ

ThankQ was founded in the UK and now operate globally to provide […]

ThankQ was founded in the UK and now operate globally to provide not-for-profits with software solutions for fundraising.

Our Ninja’s are currently working with a selection of not-for-profits who use ThankQ as their CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), these organisations are also using the thankQ online donation solution to process online donations.

We’re working with the developers at ThankQ to ensure that all transaction data (volume and value) is passed into Google Analytics so that the various organisations can assess their return on investment from any digital fundraising activity that they undertake.

Using this data organisations are able to see exactly what the return their investment in fundraising is generating.  Here’s an example of how a Google Analytics donation report might look:

example ecommerce report from Google Analytics
This grab shows an example eCommerce report taken from Google Analytics. We’ve broken down the “product category” i.e. monthly donation vs one-off donation vs shop purchase by marketing channel.

Using the data in the eCommerce reports you will have complete visibility of revenue by channel, allowing you to make clear decisions when it comes to investing in different digital marketing channels.

If you’d like to find out more about our work with thankQ and other online donation processing solutions then please contact a ninja today, we’d be happy to help.