Mobile Takes Over

The importance of mobile is growing globally, here’s some information specific to Australia.

global mobile tipping point

Have you noticed that the United States of America often gets “things” first? Whether it’s the release of a new movie in the cinema, or Game of Thrones season 8, often Australia feels a little behind the times. Well, this can actually be a real advantage to us Aussie’s in the digital industry because it can help us predict our future and where we need to pay more attention.

According to recent studies based on over 100,000 websites, mobile now accounts for 50.3% of all traffic in Australia. This is really important to note for many instances in the digital world. Should we be paying more attention to the mobile layout of our website? The mobile responsiveness of our advertisements? Should I start on mobile designs and have desktop be the secondary subject from now on?

Yes, you most definitely should.

Mobile shopping has now taken the lead in product research and purchasing, more than entering a physical shop which can be a scary thought for many shop-owners. I recently visited Southern California, where my father resides, and my experience with the digital world out there opened my eyes for what is to come back home in Sydney.

I was looking for a new suitcase, one with wheels as I have been carrying around my Reebok sports bag as a suitcase for more than 10 years… some old-school trends do come to an end. Anyway, I went to Nordstrom Rack, a popular fashion retailer in the States, to browse their selection of suitcases until I found one that I liked.

I took the suitcase to the checkout to purchase it, and this is where I was stumped. The cashier told me I’d save 40% if I purchased the case via their website and they would deliver it to me the next day. I take a look around and everybody is on their phones, taking photos of product codes of the items they like, then walking out. Their store was more of a showroom, where they would invite people to visit their website and purchase there, allowing them to collect more data on their customers which will help them in retaining their position as a market leader.

This is what Australia could be facing soon, especially with the rise in price for commercial real estate and tax. Your website should be optimised to look and feel smooth, beautiful and be easy to navigate.

If you need help refining your user experience or website design to make things work that little bit harder and generate more business then get in touch with one of our friendly Ninja’s today.