AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ninja: Google Ad Grant

The Ad Grant gives you access to $10,000 each month of free Google Ad credit, this can make an amazing contribution to your cause. Our entry-level management service, powered by AI (Artificial Intellience) enables your cause to get started putting the Ad Grant to work.

samantha payne - ceo
Samantha Payne CEO, Pink Elephants Support Network
“Fiona and the team at Digital Ninjas have listened to our needs and created a bespoke campaign that quickly delivered results.”

What is the AI Ninja Ad Grant Service?

Designed for small organisations on a tight-rope budget our new AI (artificial intelligence) powered Ad Grant management and optimisation services will give you maximum bang for your buck.

What’s included?

When you sign-up to the AI Ninjas Ad Grant management service you’ll receive the following support:

  • Setup of your Ad Grant account – our AI Ninjas will conduct thorough keyword research, structure your account build, produce ad copy and get your Ad Grant account up and running
  • Monthly management and optimisation – each month, our proprietary AI technology will look for new opportunities to promote your cause via the Google Ad Grant.

How much does it cost?

Our AI-powered optimisation service is just AUD$195/month. You can sign-up here.

Want to talk about it?

If you’re undecided on our AI Ad Grant services or would prefer to deal with a human, then get in touch here and we’ll tell you more about our fully managed services.

    Jon Dawson, CEO of Digital Ninjas
    Jonathan will get back to you soon

    What’s a Google Ad Grant Certified Professional?

    Digital Ninjas are a Google Ad Grant Certified Professional, as a Certified Professional we have an ongoing feedback loop with the Google Ads Grants team and the opportunity to participate in betas and experiments.

    How do we sign-up?

    You can sign-up to the AI Ninja Ad Grant management service here.

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    Need an emergency hotline for Ad Grants?

    The Ninjas are ready and waiting to help you with your Ad Grants questions and challenges - just hit the button to send out a distress flare.

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